Modern Homes in Real Estate, Fannie Mae’s New Top Appraiser, Complex Property Appraisal, and More

modern homes in real estateThis week’s gathering of all things appraisal includes a look at modern homes in real estate and what needs to be taken into consideration when valuing them. Fannie Mae’s top appraiser provides his thoughts on the future of appraisal. Appraisers and real estate agents might seem at odds with each other in some instances, but working together can make them both better. What is an appraiser to do when valuing a single-family property that falls under the category of “complex”? We take a look at one overly updated property—complete with before and after photos. Happy reading!

The rage of modern homes in real estate

Sacramento appraiser Ryan Lundquist gets the low down on modern homes in a conversation with a real estate agent who specializes in them, including what defines a modern home and special considerations when it comes to valuing them.

Fannie Mae’s new top appraiser on the future

Working RE interviews Fannie Mae’s head appraiser for insight into Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter (CU) and Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM), as well as the future of appraisal.

6 reasons real estate appraisers can be a Realtor’s best friend

Many people believe that real estate agents shouldn’t communicate with appraisers who are valuing their properties, but Birmingham appraiser Tom Horn points out that the interaction between the two can help in making a home purchase go more smoothly.

NeighborhoodX: How racist and misguided planning put America in its housing crunch

This article provides an in-depth look at the forces—whether overtly racist or subtly misguided—behind valuations of cities versus suburbs in today’s market. It also brings up some interesting questions about the future for those purchasing in the suburbs and commuter towns.

Can you solve this complex property appraisal: over-updated flipping edition

When you think of a complex property to appraise, commercial or mixed-use properties often come to mind. But what about the single-family home appraisal that doesn’t fit the mold of the average property. This article takes a look at a multi-million-dollar flip that is the definitive complex property.

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