Multiple Offers to Help the Appraiser, No Appraiser Shortage, Appraising a Creepy Motel, and More

multiple offers to help the appraiserTake some time to catch up on the latest in the appraisal profession. This week we have how agents can use multiple offers to help the appraiser, how the alleged appraisal shortage is much more complicated than it appears, the first AMC for real estate agents, and boosting your confidence after making a mistake. And just for fun: how to appraise one of the spookiest motels in the country.

How agents can use multiple offers to help the appraiser

In many markets across the country, multiple offers are commonplace. Appraiser Tom Horn has suggestions for how real estate agents can use this situation to everyone’s advantage.

Hey, 50-percenters: there is no “appraiser shortage,” so knock it off

New York City appraiser Jonathan J. Miller weighs in on the alleged appraisal shortage with this guest post at HousingWire. His take is that what the appraisal profession is facing is much more complicated than a simple lack of bodies. Don’t miss the compelling conversation that takes place in the comment section of this article.

Zillow, the first “agent management company” (AMC) for the real estate agent

There has been plenty of buzz about the first AMC for real estate agents—aka Zillow—and most in the industry are none too happy about it. The Virginia Coalition of Appraiser Professionals has this to say about the situation.

6 ways to boost your confidence after making a big mistake

Everyone makes mistakes—and that includes even the most veteran of real estate appraisers. When it happens to you, here are some tips to make sure you come back from it stronger and more confident than ever.

For sale: the world’s creepiest motel

How would a commercial appraiser go about appraising the world’s scariest motel? Would the ghosts of long dead miners and thousands of menacing clowns increase or detract from its valuation? The answer might surprise you.



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