Predominant Values, Appraiser Trends, Marketing Your Appraisal Business, and More

appraisal trendsFrom the ever-elusive predominant value to the latest appraiser trends, our gathering of all-things-appraisal news is here for your reading pleasure. You can also listen to some of the most recent podcasts from the Voice of Appraisal, join the lively conversation about education versus experience in the profession, and look for takeaways in a timeless article on marketing your appraisal services.

In search of the ever elusive predominant value

The author of this article attempts to drive home the point there is no such thing as a “predominant value”—in spite of requests appraisers receive to correct or reconcile reports. Don’t skip over the comments, which provide additional insights.

2017 appraiser trends study by NAR

The Appraisal Buzz staff offers a glimpse into the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) survey of appraisers covering such issues as training, turnaround time, and dissatisfaction with the profession. A lively conversation among appraisers follows the article.

AQB digs in: college degree, experience requirements to change

The question of education versus expertise in the appraisal profession is hotly debated among appraisers. The Appraisers Qualifications Board is seeking feedback on its exposure drafts before it potentially adopts any changes in January 2018.

Check out the latest Voice of Appraisal podcasts

Phil Crawford, the Voice of Appraisal, has a couple of new podcasts available on his site, yours for the listening: Does USPAP Have an On-Off Switch? Ron Stickelman Joins the Show and What Is the Future of the ASC? Phil welcomes Jim Park!!!

59 ways to market your appraisal services

Looking for some good old-fashioned marketing ideas for your appraisal business? This article may have come out a while ago, but it still has plenty of relevance for today’s appraisers seeking success.

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