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This is a reprint from the Appraisal Buzz Blog and can be found here.

Social media, whether we approve of it or not, is beginning to evolve the marketing game. From giant corporate restaurants to your local mechanic, there is almost always a Facebook page or a Twitter account dedicated to its success. Why not for your local appraisal business?

Social media marketing (SMM) itself is self-explanatory: Using social networking websites as your direct marketing tool. Some of the more commonly used sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat. Each of these platforms offer their own unique means to create content, which allows for more customer-centric interactions and benefits.

What do people think when they hear your company name recommended to them? Your company brand is like its reputation. Through SMM, your brand is directly on the screen before their eyes. What your appraisal business posts is what customers believe represents you as an entirety. Use this to your advantage by posting positive, helpful, and uplifting (yet related) content.

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The ultimate goal is to drive up the sales by increasing the flow of traffic to your appraisal website. Use these accounts to link to your website so that customers are able to easily see the services that your company offers. Some common examples of this include:

  • Facebook events: allows companies to directly invite their followers to events. Followers are then able to reply with their RSVP through Facebook, and the company is able to redirect and have them register directly on their company site.
  • LinkedIn articles: allows companies to blog and incorporate articles that could benefit customers. Followers can interact directly with by commenting and liking posts, and possibly adding in their own stories. Through this, the company website blog will be incorporated with customer testimonials (with their permissions) and knowledgeable articles, not only the services that are offered.
  • Twitter Hashtags: You can use hashtags on words and phrases to search an idea or an event (i.e. #ValuationExpo2019). Invent a hashtag with your company name, place it at the end of every tweet, and interact with other users that use the hashtag. This way, your appraisal business name is exposed, attached to your relevant content, and provides direct customer reviews to other potential customers.
  • Instagram Stories: Stories allow for a certain video or picture to be seen on your profile for 24 hours. This sense of urgency created is perfect for live events. People that are not in attendance get to see snippets, but only for a window of time. This window of time creates that “fear of missing out” mentality, which in turn drives up attendance for next time. The real draw is using that small window to convince them to participate in the next thing.

As long as you have valuable information archived on your website, people will find different and new reasons to visit each time.

Looking ahead, SMM can only progress and grow into the new normal. While the days of pen and paper seem to fade in the wind, likes and shares seem to be how a company now measures their impact. Put your company first and capitalize on the beneficial resources around you today!

About the Author: Irimar Waters is the Media Director and Editor for Allterra Group. She is responsible for digital and print media marketing, managing all social media accounts, collaborating with authors on articles, and editing for Appraisal Buzz Magazine. Her literature background began at Frostburg State University where she studied professional writing and the Spanish language. She graduated in May of 2017 with over 500 credit hours dedicated to internships relating to writing, editing, and marketing. Now with recent experience as a Senior Editorial Assistant and Digital Journalist, Irimar has over 6 years of related and hands-on experience.

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