6 Property Appraisal Skills to Improve by 2020

6 Property Appraisal Skills to Improve by 2020We’re just over halfway through 2019. Have you met your professional development goals for this year? Which property appraisal skills are at the top of your list to sharpen by 2020? We recently asked our appraisal community, “What appraisal skill would you MOST like to improve in the next 6 months?” Here’s how they responded.

What appraisal skill would you MOST like to improve in the next 6 months?

6 Property Appraisal Skills to Improve by 2020

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Understanding & applying sales comparison & data verification techniques (32%)

“In an area of limited sales and limited sales data (non-disclosure state), some more techniques to analyze and compare data points for adjustments would be beneficial.”

One appraiser said they’d like to learn “more appraising techniques for specialized properties and where to find data, research and studies to be used in the valuation process.”

Another appraiser said they want to “continue to expand Excel multi-step regression analysis skills or buy a better (expensive) data analytics program such as SPSS.”

“I have been using McKissock Appraisal training to receive my trainee license, and have loved the explanations the courses give!! I can’t wait to get in the field to better understand and apply sales comparison and data verification techniques I have learned through McKissock.”

Staying current on changes to laws & regulations (26%)

“It’s necessary to stay up to date with the ever changing laws and regulations in this field.”

“Keeping up with changing rules and regulations is important in any profession, including in the real estate market. Having real time knowledge is impactful in the day to day work done by appraisers.”

“With the speed that laws and regulations change, especially across multiple states, and the lack of public knowledge of the changes, more ways to stay informed of even the smallest law or regulation changes would provide a huge service to appraisers.”

“I really feel staying in touch with changes in the laws and regulations is very important . So much changes all the time.”

Appraisal reviews (16%)

“I am working toward my AI-GRS designation; so obviously that’s my focus!”

Another appraiser said they want to work on “keeping the appraisals informative, and market driven.”

Managing AMC relationships (13%)

“How to get more appraisals from AMCs after you sign-up, and list of AMCs that pay well, pay on time, assign appraisals and don’t send appraisal requests ‘out for bid’ to multiple appraisers.”

“How can you get on their lists of appraisers, when you have tried and other appraisers are on the list!? I have tried several times! And many years!”

“As a newly certified and fully licensed appraiser, I would love advice on getting on lenders’ approved appraiser lists.”

Managing client expectations (10%)

“I am always looking for ways to improve my client relations and their expectations. This relates to reasonable fees, turn times, appointments. This is a business and I want to be competitive but maintain my own standards.”

Applying USPAP across multiple property types (3%)

McKissock is the provider of The Appraisal Foundation’s official online USPAP course, which includes interactive case studies and downloadable aids. Choose the USPAP course that’s right for you.

Other property appraisal skills to sharpen

One appraiser said they “would also like to improve techniques for site valuation.”

Another said that they’d also like to improve “graphics…histograms and bivariate regressions are easy, but I want to explore other more informative graphing techniques.”

And one appraiser stated, “I’d like to see more educational opportunities focused on rural and agricultural properties.”

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