Proposed Tax Reform, Residential Construction, Appraising Haunted Houses, and More

proposed tax reformThis week’s appraisal news includes proposed tax reform and how it might impact appraisers and others in the real estate industry. We’ve got information on residential construction in the wake of the hurricanes. Plus: top reasons an appraiser can be a Realtor’s best friend, appraising haunted houses, and more.

Proposed tax reform: it’s all about the details

The National Association of Realtors is behind a movement to have members and citizens contact their representatives about tax reforms being considered by Congress. Among the reforms proposed is the elimination of the mortgage interest deduction. Don’t miss the conversation following the article in the comments section.

Residential construction lower on hurricanes: trends remain in place

Read here for information released by both the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Census Bureau about lower housing starts. The article cites the recent hurricanes, growth in single-family starts, and softening multifamily production.

Voice of Appraisal podcasts

Voice of Appraisal host Phil Crawford has a new set of free podcasts for your listening pleasure, including “What Will Happen to Fannie and Freddie?” and “No Love, Dangerous Lending.” You can find these and others right here.

6 reasons real estate appraisers can be a Realtor’s best friend

Many people believe that real estate agents shouldn’t communicate with appraisers who are valuing their properties, but Birmingham appraiser Tom Horn points out that the interaction between the two can actually help in making a home purchase go more smoothly.

Appraising actual haunted houses!

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve dug up this article about appraising haunted houses. Enjoy!


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