Money Management, Marketing, and More Resources to Grow Your Appraisal Business in 2019

Money Management, Marketing, and More Resources to Grow Your Appraisal Business in 2019What are your business goals for 2019? If you are gearing up for growth, it’s a good idea to look ahead and start planning. You may want to put systems in place to make your appraisal business more efficient. You may need a new marketing strategy. Or perhaps it’s time to hire an assistant and grow your team. Here’s a list of great resources to help you better manage, market, and grow your appraisal business in the coming year.

Money management guide for small businesses

Your ability to manage business expenses may greatly impact your income as an appraiser. Money management is a common hurdle for all types of small businesses—especially in the early years or in times of expansion. Taking sensible, practical steps will help you control spending and grow your appraisal business without taking excessive financial risks. Here’s a guide that breaks down in detail how to manage your finances and cashflow.

Small business marketing 101

Let’s face it. Most appraisers are probably not experts in advertising. Small Business Marketing 101 is a basic guide developed by the Forbes Business Development Council. It lays out eight simple steps designed to help you enhance your marketing efforts as a small business owner. If your goal is to gain more business in 2019, these tips are a great place to start.

For more tips, check out our roundup of Marketing Guides, Networking Tips, and More Resources for Appraisers.

10 tips for working with AMCs

Today about 70–80% of all residential appraisals are ordered by appraisal management companies (AMCs). As mortgage appraisal volumes are declining, one way to boost your business is by working smarter with your AMC partners. Use Tony Pistilli’s 10 Tips for Working with AMCs to help improve your appraiser score, get more assignments close to home, and earn more money.

For related info, read our post, Choosing the Right AMC: A Guide for Appraisers by Tony Pistilli.

5 steps to grow your appraisal business

Ready to level up from a one-entity appraisal shop and take the necessary steps to become a true appraisal firm? Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, offers some great advice in Five Steps to Growing an Appraisal Firm, written for Working RE Magazine. Read the article for useful insights specific to appraisers—specifically regarding how to plan and prepare for expansion, how to hire the right people for the right jobs, and how to manage them. Plus, check out The Appraiser Coach Podcast, recently featured on our list of Best Podcasts for Appraisers.

Looking to grow your appraisal business in 2019? Consider hiring an appraisal assistant or trainee to help take some things off your plate. Do you struggle with time management? These Time Management Tips and Tools for Appraisers will help improve your efficiency so that you can complete more assignments throughout the year.

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