Senate Vote on Dodd-Frank, Addicted to Low Interest Rates, and More Appraisal News

Senate vote on Dodd-FrankRead on for the latest in this week’s appraisal news. A recent Senate vote on Dodd-Frank might have ramifications for the appraisal profession. Why it’s not an appraiser’s responsibility to help homeowners who are disappointed in their home’s valuations. Have we reached the point of addiction to low interest rates? Then just for fun: some unusual homes that might be fun—albeit challenging—to appraise. Happy reading!

Senate votes to roll back parts of Dodd-Frank banking law

There are plenty of mixed opinions about a recent Senate vote that would loosen regulations for mortgage lenders, expand access to free credit freezes, and change rules for student loan defaults. But what does it mean for appraisers working for appraisal mortgage companies? The appraisal profession will undoubtedly be keeping its eyes on this one.

You don’t have to make everything “all better” as an appraiser

It happens to just about every appraiser around: the phone call from a homeowner who disagrees with the valuation of their property. This article by Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, suggests you put aside your usual response—likely avoiding a conversation or being on the defensive—and instead just listen. Find out what else he has to say here.

Addicted to low rates and a market update

Sacramento appraiser Ryan Lundquist talks about today’s low interest rates, comparing them to times back in the 1970s when mortgage rates were in the high teens. He points out that the prices of homes were a lot lower then too. He outlines how interest rates can affect affordability, supply, and volume of homes. This article also provides a market update.

12 strange and unusual homes for sale

There are millions of homes for sale in this country, and when it comes to determining value, appraisers generally look to comparables. We think it’s safe to say that for this set of a dozen unique homes, there are no comps available. Check them out here.




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