Tapping Technology to Scale Your Appraisal Business

scale your appraisal business Advances in technology have impacted nearly every single industry—some of which have changed drastically in the last decade. The real estate industry, and specifically the appraisal industry, are no different. Here are just a few ways that technology can help you scale your appraisal business.

The introduction of mobile devices

As an appraiser, your job may keep you away from your desk often. But with mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, you can maintain access to all the information you need to get the job done while on the go. In a data-driven industry, mobile devices also allow appraisers to take and upload photos on the fly, create reports while standing in the property for reference, and show and send their reports to related parties without having to go back to the office to print, fax, or email. These things just weren’t possible a decade ago.

We often overlook the importance of having a cell phone these days, as they’ve become so ingrained in our everyday lives. But even having a cell phone allows you to scale your appraisal business. The ability to answer inquiries on the go—and to never miss an opportunity for new business—is vital.

Applications streamline the day

The increased use of mobile devices in the appraisal industry has caused mobile app developers to launch many apps with appraisers in mind. From apps that focus on administrative tasks to those aimed specifically at appraisal duties, integrating mobile app usage into your business can help streamline your daily tasks—saving valuable time.

TOTAL Mobile, for example, allows you to sync your appraisal report from the office, input your data, sketch, and photos in the field, and remotely upload it back to the office seamlessly. While not specifically for the appraisal industry, JotNot is another great “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” app that allows you to scan blueprints, surveys, tax sheets, improvement lists, and more via your phone. It will turn the documents into a PDF file for you to reference later. Other useful apps include Google Maps for navigation and cloud storage solutions, such as DropBox and Google Drive, for access to important documents from anywhere.

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The adoption of technology in the appraisal profession

Appraisers can work more efficiently and get more done in the field with mobile technology. Instead of doing a walkthrough of a property and then later sifting through notes, images, and sketches, you can reference data and the property at the same time. Technology is constantly changing and improving the way businesses work. It is how you incorporate this technology into your process that will determine how well you can scale your appraisal business.

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