The Art of Real Estate Appraisal, First AMC for Agents, Owners Overestimate Value, and More

the art of real estate appraisalIf summer reading is on your list of to-dos for this weekend, start right here with our round-up of all things appraisal. We’ve got a bit of controversy (the “art” of real estate appraisal), more on the debate of AMCs, how to appraise an in-law suite, funny things seen on the job, and more. Enjoy—and be sure to share your comments below!

Zen and the art of real estate appraisal

Are “artistic” appraisals of the past to blame for the more scrutinized appraisals of today? This somewhat controversial article—just read the comments at the end—discusses that and other aspects of the conflict between selling and appraising.

Owners overestimate value by lower margins

No one can deny that home values are on the rise, but the truth is that many homeowners still believe their homes are worth more than the valuations appraisers assign.

The first AMC for agents

Anyone connected with the appraisal profession is aware of the debate surrounding AMCs—Appraisal Management Companies. Now it appears real estate agents might be getting a taste of what is considered by many to be potentially damaging to the industry. Read more about Zillow’s latest actions.

How do you appraise an in-law suite?

Birmingham appraiser and blogger Tom Horn talks about the important considerations in appraising an in-law suite in his latest post.

Random things I’ve seen while inspecting houses

Just for fun, we poked around appraiser Ryan Lundquist’s blog where we found some of these gems. Take a look at some of the random things Lundquist has seen while on the job.



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