Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Trainee Appraiser

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There are many potential benefits to adding a trainee to your appraisal practice. Are you an experienced appraiser on the fence about hiring a trainee appraiser? Or perhaps you’re a prospective trainee wondering how to appeal to potential supervisors? To gain helpful insights, we asked our appraisal community, “What’s the top reason you’d consider bringing on a trainee appraiser?” Here’s what they said.

What would be your top reason for hiring a trainee appraiser?

What's the top reason you'd consider hiring a trainee appraiser?

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To help out a younger appraiser (34%)

“Every appraiser started as a trainee. Think back to your first year and how important your mentor was. It’s the circle of life in the appraisal world.”

“My mother trained me and I want to train my family member someday. I have a MBA and it is my goal to become certified as soon as I am able so I will have the option to train future appraisers.”

“I was given the incredible opportunity to be a trainee with an appraiser with over 35 years experience and would love to be able to keep his legacy going.”

“I’d like to introduce the benefits of the profession to people that haven’t typically been included but should be.”

“Knowledge is something worth spreading, and passion for anything is reason enough to share that knowledge. It’s worth it to take on an apprentice in any profession, because without teachers there is no future for the profession you are passionate about. It’s important to ensure future appraisers get information not just from generic courses, but from the appraisers around them who can share, from experience, what courses oftentimes cannot. Taking an apprentice is rewarding on its own, having the satisfaction of helping someone into their chosen career and also having the potential of learning something in the process. It’s all worth it.”

“As many appraisers can attest, breaking into the appraisal business can seem almost impossible. Finding that ‘Unicorn’ that is willing to take the time and put their name on the line beside your own is what holds many people back from pursuing an appraisal career. For that reason, I am looking forward to paying it forward.”

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To lighten my day-to-day workload (23%)

“With the shortage of appraisers in our area it is easy to become overwhelmed with the workload. A trainee can be a very important asset to me.”

“I would like help growing my business, new insight from a younger generation, and would love for my workload to be lightened! There is plenty of work to go around.”

Because I want to grow my business (13%)

“Doubling the amount of appraisals I can do with the help of a trainee is the goal.”

“There is more work locally than any one person can do. There is also a ceiling to what I can earn as one fee appraiser. I decided to build a team of appraisers and capture a larger portion of the available market.”

“Bringing on a trainee appraiser can be a fantastic way to grow your business. Assuming the trainee has the right intellectual skillset and internal drive, getting them off the ground is not as challenging as it once was. By embracing new technology and leveraging virtual tools, the supervisor/trainee experience has been transformed, with efficiencies in daily workflow maximized. We have numerus success stories wherein trainee appraisers not only helped grow our business, but helped it thrive.”

“Appraisal is a difficult area to get into and the need for good appraisers in government sector is great. Bringing in a trainee appraiser opens the door for new blood in the field and also provides an opportunity to mold (grow) the trainee into a good appraiser with expertise that will take the organization into the next phase of efficiency, development and growth.”

“I am currently a trainee so this question would apply to me in the far off future. But I think I would enjoy training someone to help me develop my own skills and grow my business.”

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Because I’m planning to retire in the next 5-10 years (12%)

“Many appraisers have been retiring and have retired. We need to cultivate a new group of capable and trained appraisers to fill the expected vacuum.”

“The appraising profession is one that lends itself to bring on trainees to continue the legacy of one’s practice.”

Because they have skills in a certain area (5%)

“By having a trainee, I am able to impart my wisdom on the next generation of appraisers, and in return they assist with other things like technology and social media where I lack expertise. It’s a win for both parties.”

Other (13%)

As for the 13% of survey participants who selected “Other,” some said they can’t (or won’t) hire a trainee for any reason—whether it’s because they’re a trainee themselves, they don’t have the time, or another reason. Others wrote in some additional motivations for hiring a trainee appraiser, such as:

  • “To grow the appraisal industry.”
  • “Both succession planning and growing expertise.”
  • “Perspective. We are in a different generation. X-Y-Z millennials process information much differently. Get on board or be left behind.”
  • “I enjoy teaching as much if not more than I enjoy appraising, and I enjoy sharing knowledge I’m passionate about.”

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