What’s Trending in Appraisal Membership (Mid-Year 2018)

What's Trending in Appraisal MembershipWondering what resources are popular among your fellow appraisers? McKissock’s Unlimited Learning Members enjoy unlimited access to a variety of online appraisal classes, content, and tools. Now that we’re just past the mid-year point of 2018, let’s take a look at the most-used resources among our appraisal membership community.

Checklist: Appraisal Report Item Checklist

The “Appraisal Report Item Checklist” is our top-trending resource so far this year. It’s super helpful for putting together a narrative appraisal report. With this checklist at hand, you can feel confident that all items are covered and nothing is missing from your report. Other well-liked checklists include “6 Quick Tips for Appraising Basements,” “7 Quick Tips for Using Appraisal Templates,” and our “FHA Checklist.”

Job aid: Adopted Changes for 2018-19 Edition of USPAP

Many of our members have been turning to this job aid for a quick summary of the recent changes to USPAP. The changes were adopted at a public meeting in Dallas, Texas in February 2017. The job aid clearly shows what text has been removed and what has been added to the latest edition of USPAP.

Ready to dive into USPAP? The USPAP course covers all you need to know about the latest updates—in a format that works for you.

Webinar: Regression Part I: The What, Why, and How

This is the most popular webinar within our appraisal membership community. In Part I of this in-depth look at the basics of regression, presenter Josh Walitt helps us understand what these “black box” software programs are telling us rather than simply obeying the machine. Part II of the webinar dives into models, techniques, software, and tools.

Podcast: A Method to the Property Condition Report Madness!

Podcasts are trending right now across the globe. Here at McKissock, our appraisal members love this podcast episode, “A Method to the Property Condition Report Madness!” The episode explains that since the condition of the components of real property improvements is a function of their age, economic life, and remaining economic life, the overall “condition” of the improvements should correspond to similar parameters.

Video: Appraiser’s Tools

Are you a visual learner? You might enjoy our top-performing video, “Appraiser’s Tools.” In this quick video, Dan Bradley talks about the tools of the trade that he takes along on every appraisal. For related info, check our blog post on How to Prepare for an Appraisal Inspection.

Looking to brush up on the basics and sharpen your inspection skills? Take our CE course, Residential Property Inspection for Appraisers.

With the Unlimited Learning Membership, you get full access to all of these resources and much, much more. The appraisal membership pass is suited for all types of appraisers, no matter what style or pace of learning you prefer. Simplify your CE and save time and money by signing up today.

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