TriStar Appraisal Waiver Request Denied, Big Changes to AQB Requirements, and More Appraisal News

appraisal waiver requestSome good news for the appraisal community this week! The ASC denied TriStar Bank’s appraisal waiver request for appraisals performed in certain parts of Nashville. Significant reductions to the AQB qualification criteria for licensed and certified appraisers go into effect next week. HouseCanary’s “privacy score” helps appraisers quantify how private a home is (or isn’t) based on multiple factors. And here at McKissock, we’re excited to announce a new online course developed in response to the growing demand for limited scope appraisals. Read on for the latest in appraisal news.

ASC denies TriStar Bank appraisal waiver request

In a victory for the appraisal community, the Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) voted on Monday, April 23 to deny TriStar Bank’s request for a waiver from the federal regulatory requirement to utilize a licensed or certified appraiser for appraisals performed in certain counties in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Get the full scoop.

Big changes to AQB qualification criteria go into effect May 1

The AQB’s recent revisions to the qualification criteria for real property appraisers go into effect next week. These revisions substantially lower the requirements to become a licensed or certified appraiser. Many appraisal trainees welcome this move by the AQB. Ultimately, each state will have to determine if and when it will adopt the new requirements for appraisers. Pennsylvania was one of the first states to approve the changes, effective May 1, 2018. Get more details here.

HouseCanary creates privacy score to quantify how private a home is

HouseCanary, a leader in real estate data and valuation platforms, recently identified privacy as one of the five “hidden” factors that influence home value. But how does the privacy of a home affect its price? To help appraisers answer this question, they’ve developed a “privacy score,” which takes several different factors into account to determine how private a home is (or isn’t) compared to other homes nearby. The privacy score’s influence on home value can vary widely across different markets. Read more.

New course addresses growing demand for limited scope appraisals

Here at McKissock, we announced last week the launch of a new course designed to provide clarity on limited scope appraisal assignments. Evaluations, Desktops, & Other Limited Scope Appraisals is an online continuing education (CE) course developed in partnership with The Appraisal Foundation. Created in response to growing demand for limited scope appraisals and alternative valuation products, the class equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to diversify your book of business, grow your appraisal practice, and stay compliant and competitive with all kinds of limited scope appraisals. Get more info.

Get your limited scope questions answered. Check out our new online course: Evaluations, Desktops, and Other Limited Scope Appraisals.

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