5 Ways for Appraisers to Get Organized This Year

Smiling appraiser sitting at a clean, organized desk

Do your New Year’s resolutions include getting organized so that you can run a smoother, more profitable appraisal business? Winter is an excellent time of year to roll up your sleeves, clean up your desk (and your car), learn some new organizational skills, and put them to use. Here are some resources to help you get organized in 2020 (and beyond).

1. Organize your data

The use of Microsoft Excel is widespread in the appraisal industry. Data is frequently imported into Microsoft Excel from the MLS and other data sources. Did you know that you can use Excel spreadsheets to sort and filter data, highlight duplicate data, calculate mean and median values, and statistically analyze data using data regression? Learn how to harness the power of Excel with our Pro-Series webinar, Useful Microsoft Excel Tips for Appraisers.

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2. Organize your desk

A disorganized desk makes it harder to focus on your work and get things done. Plus, piles of paperwork and clutter can cause work stress and anxiety. Luckily, creating and maintaining an organized workspace is pretty straightforward. Use these 20 genius tricks to get started.

20 Genius Tricks for Having a Perfectly Organized Desk

3. Organize your car

When you’re out driving to appointments or photographing comps, your car is like a mobile office. The more organized it is, the quicker you can find what you need, get the job done, and move on to your next appointment. Here’s a long list of car organization hacks—many of which you may find useful as an appraiser.

51 Amazing Car Organization Hacks, Tips & Tricks to Use Today (2020 Update)

For additional tips, check out our post: 20 Things Every Appraiser Should Keep in Their Car.

4. Organize your staff

In his blog post titled “The Tiered Appraisal Office,” Dustin Harris (a.k.a. The Appraiser Coach) gives helpful advice on how to structure your appraisal business. He breaks down how to organize your business using a straightforward and effective three-tier approach, and how to hire the right people for the right jobs.

The Tiered Appraisal Office

5. Organize your business operations

Are you looking for technology tools that will help you get organized and go paperless? Look no further than these five appraisal management software platforms. The list includes tools designed to efficiently manage and track your office, clients, appraisal orders, staff, and more. It features innovative software from Anow, a la mode, ValueLink, Reggora, and Appraiser Dashboard.

5 Appraisal Management Software Platforms to Organize Your Business

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