What Appraisal CE Courses Are Trending this Month? (February 2021)

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Want to know which CE courses are trending right now among your fellow real estate appraisers? McKissock’s Unlimited Learning Members enjoy unlimited access to online appraisal classes and a variety of professional development videos, checklists, and other resources. Here’s a look at the most popular and highly-rated appraisal CE courses among our appraisal membership community over the past month.

Top 3 appraisal CE courses trending right now

The NEW FHA Handbook 4000.1

Knowledge of the FHA Handbook will help ensure that the properties you appraise meet the government’s health, safety, and security standards. This course focuses on the FHA Handbook 4000.1 with emphasis on revisions to FHA appraisal requirements and protocols. In addition, students will learn how to effectively stay up-to-date with FHA requirements.

“Excellent course that provided me with current HUD/FDA policies, procedures and requirements and excellent helpful information…I was never bored.” – Thomas A.

Supporting Your Adjustments: Methods for Residential Appraisers

This course is developed specifically for residential appraisers who want to use appropriate methodologies to develop and support adjustments in the Sales Comparison approach to value. Whether you have abundant sales and rental data, or a scarcity of data, these methods can strengthen your appraisal quality by supporting your adjustments. Logic and reasoning are also discussed throughout the course, so you are empowered to produce and report credible results.

“Any course that reflects the principles we have chosen to uphold, forces thinking about the right way to present those principles, and encourages thought, and careful calculation, is a winner.” – Charles F.

Residential Property Inspection for Appraisers

This course is a primer on how to inspect a residential property, and it is designed to be meaningful and relevant for experienced appraisers and novice appraisers alike. Newer appraisers are likely to find a lot of new and useful information in this course. More experienced appraisers are expected to receive a few tips and tricks, and also get some affirmation about their current inspection practices.

“Great course. I would highly recommend for new appraisers and seasoned appraisers as well.” – Christopher L.

Other popular courses in February 2021

Appraisal of Owner-Occupied Commercial Properties

This course, developed specifically for the commercial appraiser, is believed to be the first course for appraisers which has focused on appraisal of owner-occupied commercial properties. For many categories of commercial properties, there are substantial percentages of properties that are either 100% owner-occupied, partially owner-occupied or subject to a lease between related entities under the same owners. Virtually every appraiser will be called upon to appraise such properties on multiple occasions. Many questions arise with appraisal of owner-occupied properties that do not come up with investor-owned properties.

“After 35 years of doing restaurant appraisals, I would very highly recommend this course.” – Kim L.

Relocation Appraisal and the ERC Form

Relocation appraising is a specialized field of endeavor for appraisers. Many certified and licensed appraisers have never completed a relocation appraisal. Others have completed a few relocation assignments here and there. A few appraisers make relocation appraisal one of the primary focuses of their practice and have advanced skills in relocation appraisal. While this course is intended for any appraiser with an interest in completing relocation appraisal assignments, it is primarily geared toward those who are less experienced in this niche specialty.

“Excellent course! Really lets you know how to get started with RELO!” – Patrick C.

Divorce and Estate Appraisals: Elements of Non-Lender Work

Divorces and estates can be two lucrative sources of appraisal assignments; they don’t require UAD compliance, and there won’t be any underwriter addendum requests or “stips.” This course focuses on the common elements between divorce and estate appraisals, with primary emphasis on how they are different from standard mortgage lending appraisals. It covers form differences, USPAP issues, and assignment conditions. Additionally, it looks at the letter of engagement as a foundation for the assignment, and it gives helpful tips on how to improve your marketing skills and attract more non-lender clients.

“This is a great class for anyone doing non-lender work! Use this instructor’s suggestions to professionalize your practice.” – Cheryl F.

Residential Appraisal Review and USPAP Compliance

This course was written and produced by The Appraisal Foundation and is being presented through a partnership with McKissock. The course is designed to aid real property appraisers seeking a better understanding of USPAP in conjunction with producing appraisal reviews that are USPAP compliant, as well as providing additional guidance to those appraisers whose work is being reviewed. Ideally, the review process should raise the level of professionalism among appraisers, and encourage them to produce better appraisal reports.

“This was an interesting course. Although not a review appraiser, I felt it has expanded my knowledge about appraising in general.” – Joseph C.

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