What Appraisal Software Tools Are You Most Interested in Learning?

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As a real estate appraiser, you strive for efficiency in your process and in your business. There are many technology tools available to make your workflow faster and smoother. However, they won’t save you as much time if you don’t learn how to maximize their capabilities. To better understand what sort of technology training and webinars would be the most useful to you, we asked appraisers, “On what appraisal software tools would you like additional training?” Here’s what they said.

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On what appraisal software tools would you like additional training?

The top appraisal software tools — based on how much interest they generated among appraisers for potential training opportunities — were ACI, Excel, CoreLogic, and MLS. They were followed by Solomon Adjustment Calculator, Anow, and DataMaster, respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of all available answer choices, listed in order according to the number of selections each received from our survey respondents. (Respondents were allowed to select multiple answer choices.)

ACI (29)

“Using ACI software in a multi-appraiser, administrative staff and trainee company.”

“I don’t feel that I am using ACI to the best of my abilities. It seems like there is a better, more effective way to use the software.”

“Feel there may be some features I am not efficiently utilizing.”

Learn all about ACI software at aciweb.com.

Excel (27)

“Graphing and break point analysis.”

“I know some about Excel, enough to use it for the 1004MC, but I know there’s more I could know.”

If you have a McKissock Unlimited Learning Membership, you can find several member-only Microsoft Excel resources for appraisers in your McKissock Dashboard. Simply log in, click on the “Learning Library” tab, and type “Excel” into the search bar.

Learn more about Microsoft Excel at microsoft.com.

CoreLogic (25)

“TOTAL is still the best appraisal software out there!”

“Measuring angles and odd curved walls in TOTAL.”

Learn about CoreLogic and their a la mode appraisal software tools — including the popular TOTAL for Mobile — at CoreLogic.com and alamode.com.

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MLS (24)

Learn about MLS Multiple Listing Service at mls.com.

Solomon Adjustment Calculator (13)

Learn about the Solomon Adjustment Calculator at solomonappraisal.com.

Anow (12)

If you have a McKissock Unlimited Learning Membership, look for the recorded webinar, “Turn Your Appraisal Efforts into Cash – An Inside Look at Anow” under the “Learning Library” tab in your McKissock Dashboard.

Learn more at anow.com.

DataMaster (11)

Learn about DataMaster appraisal software at datamasterusa.com.


Learn about SFREP appraisal software tools — including Appraise-It Pro and Spark for Appraisers — at sfrep.com.

Bradford Technologies (6)

“More training for multi-user solutions would also be great!”

Learn about Bradford Technologies appraisal software tools at bradfordsoftware.com.

CompStak (5)

Learn about this crowdsourced commercial real estate data platform at compstak.com.

VAL (5)

To learn about Rockport VAL, visit therockportgroup.com.

FUEL (4)

To learn about RealPage FUEL, go to fuelcre.com

Real Quantum (4)

Learn about this cloud-based commercial appraisal software at realquantum.com.

Valcre (4)

Learn about this end-to-end appraisal software solution at valcre.com.

Other (17)

Survey respondents who selected “Other” and wrote in their own responses said they’d like additional training on the following appraisal software tools and technology:

“With the new desktop forms coming, we all need to learn a technique for drawing interior walls. I would like to use my trainees to provide interior sketches.”

“Learning if desktop appraisal reports will be profitable and how to do them competently are my biggest concerns right now.”

“I’m new to appraisal. So any and all tips on how to do things most efficiently and accurately are appreciated!!”

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