What Appraisal Topics Do You Want to Dive Into This Year?

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We recently asked our appraisal community, “If you could take a class on ANY appraisal topic, what would it be?” The most in-demand appraisal topics right now seem to be: 1) extracting and supporting adjustments, 2) rural residential appraising, and 3) operating an appraisal business. Here, we break down all the different topics appraisers said they’re most interested in learning about and why.

If you could take a class on ANY appraisal topic, what would it be?

Pie chart showing which appraisal topics survey respondents said they're most interested in learning about

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Extracting and supporting adjustments (20%)

“This topic seems to be one that varies too much among appraisers.”

“What makes extractions palatable?” 

Rural residential appraising (18%)

“Living in an area where we are often assigned rural appraisals, we sometimes have a hard time explaining to the client that the nearest comp might be 20 or more miles away. It would be helpful to get some pointers on getting the information across to the client in a clear, concise manner.”

Operating an appraisal business (16%)

“I would love some guidance on my business practices. Always wonderful to learn a new tip, technology or technique to improve my efficiency.”

“As a new upstart appraiser, it will be critical to make the right initial moves in setting this complicated business in motion.”

“There are a lot of well-educated persons trying to enter the business and they could really use some insight. I could also use some pointers, as a 25-year veteran.”

“How have other people managed to sell their business when they are ready to retire and how much did they charge for it?”

Use of technology/drones (9%)

“I work in a rural marketing area from open fields to dense forest. I would like to learn how to use a drone from an appraiser’s perspective, are appraisers utilizing drones, and if drones are helpful or a waste of time.”

For helpful info, check out our post: FAA Drone Regulations, Drones in Real Estate, and More Resources for Appraisers.

Green buildings (7%)

“It seems that there are more and more inquiries for Green Building appraisals these days.”

“Green buildings help make our environment cleaner and safer, too.” 

Mass appraising (7%)

“I don’t have a fee appraisal practice anymore. I only do government work dealing in mass appraisal.” 

Hybrid/bifurcated appraisals (2%)

Clients are increasingly requesting appraisers to provide different types of appraisals in lieu of the traditional “full” appraisal.

For those of you interested in learning more about hybrid/bifurcated appraisals, check out our online CE course: Evaluations, Desktops, and Other Limited Scope Appraisals.

Appraisal review (2%)

The need for appraisal reviews has increased in recent years for a variety of reasons.

For those of you looking to sharpen your review skills, we recommend taking our CE course: Evaluating Today’s Residential Appraisal: Reliable Review.

Other appraisal topics (20%)

In addition to the topics outlined above, many appraisers offered up their own ideas for appraisal topics they’d love to explore. “Other” responses included:

  • Property tax appeal
  • Commercial appraisal
  • How to build your appraisal business when starting out
  • A class specific to your local market
  • Appraising properties with multiple dwelling units
  • Health care facilities (e.g., ASC, freestanding emergency centers, hospitals)
  • RV parks/manufactured housing
  • Highest and best use
  • Scope of work

“I am just starting the process to become an appraiser and would love to learn many areas of this exciting industry.”

What appraisal topics are you eager to explore this year? Browse real estate appraisal classes available in your state.

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