What’s New in Appraisal Membership: April 2021

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Appraisal industry updates

The Appraisal Foundation Q1 2021 Appraisal Update (recorded webinar)

On February 24, 2021, McKissock Learning hosted this webinar with The Appraisal Foundation. Listen to the recorded webinar to hear about proposed changes to USPAP, get an update on current AQB and ASB activities, and get firsthand information on TAF’s viewpoint of the latest topics in the appraisal industry.

Fannie Mae Q1 2021 Appraisal Update (recorded webinar)

On March 19, 2021, Fannie Mae’s Collateral Policy Team shared policy updates impacting appraisers, dispelled some common myths pertaining to Selling Guide policies, and provided insights regarding appraisal quality as well as actions related to significant appraisal defects.

The Appraisal Foundation 2021 Q2 Update (recorded webinar)

On April 7, 2021, McKissock Learning presented this Q&A session hosted by Lisa Desmarais, Vice President, Appraisal Issues with The Appraisal Foundation. Hear about proposed changes to USPAP, get an update on current AQB and ASB activities, and get firsthand information on TAF’s viewpoint of the latest topics in the appraisal industry.

Appraisal math webinar series

For many individuals, appraisal math is one of the more difficult aspects of the National Appraiser Licensing and Certification Exams. This series of three webinars covers appraisal math used in the three approaches to value:

  • Appraisal Math: The Sales Comparison Approach (Part 1)
  • Appraisal Math: The Income Approach (Part 2)
  • Appraisal Math: The Cost Approach (Part 3)

In each of these three recorded webinars, Dr. Sam Martin simplifies the complex by sharing tips and best practices for solving what may seem to be a complicated math problem.

Retirement resources for appraisers

Retirement Planning: How Much Do You Need to Save to Retire? (guide)

This guide walks you through the initial considerations in planning your retirement. Responsible planning can help you assess whether you will have enough savings and retirement income to meet your retirement goals.

Tips on Saving for Retirement (video)

TC’s Chief Learning Officer, Todd Rosenfeld, walks you through several tips to achieve your retirement savings goals in this video recording. The content in this video is applicable to everyone, no matter what stage of your career, your current age, or your income level.

The Changing Face of Retirement (recorded webinar)

Learn how retirement is changing and why you may need to adjust your retirement planning strategies. A key piece of that involves reviewing the structure of both Social Security and Medicare and the changes coming to these programs. The webinar also reviews important options to consider, such as Medigap insurance and Medicare HMOs, as well as other effective strategies to help you plan for your medical and financial needs during retirement.

More resources for appraisers

Useful Links for Appraisers (job aid)

Many excellent resources for real estate appraisers exist online, from educational websites to reference materials and market trend data. We’ve scoured the internet to share numerous resources and useful links. (McKissock does not endorse any of these agency or company websites; the links are provided for educational purposes only.)

5 Tips for Preparing for an Inspection of a Luxury Home (infographic)

Appraising a luxury home can be stressful, so preparation is important before commencing with a luxury home inspection. This infographic contains valuable tips for preparing to inspect a luxury home and some key questions to ask of the homeowner or builder about upgrades and amenities.

Business Structures: What to Know for Your Taxes (recorded webinar)

Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and LLC are some of the most common types of real estate appraisal business structures that you can choose for your business structure. But which structure is really best for you? In this recorded webinar, we discuss these businesses structures so you can decide which is best for your business. In addition, we discuss how these businesses are reported to the IRS and describe some actions that you can take to minimize your tax burden.

The Market Value Does Not Support the Contract Price, Now What? (recorded webinar)

A bank appraisal manager discusses some of the best practices when the purchase price is not supported by the available comps and market data. The discussion includes a review of possible reasons, some suggestions for reviewing your work before you submit your report, tips for reconciling the difference and supporting your opinion of value, and a discussion of the reconsideration process and what to expect.

Using Excel for Pairing Data to Extract GLA Adjustments (recorded webinar)

One of the most common appraisal problems is determining the contributory value for the differences in gross living area (GLA). While appraisers can find and export large amounts of data from the local MLS, they need a way to efficiently manage and analyze this data to determine a credible GLA adjustment factor that is both supported and defensible. In this webinar, we walk through the process of extracting market derived adjustments for the differences in GLA using basic and advanced Excel tools to arrive at a supported and defensible adjustment factor.

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