What’s New in Appraisal Membership: May 2022

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New recorded webinar

Special Edition Webinar – ANSI Basics for Non-appraisers

Prepare yourself for the latest Fannie Mae appraisal requirement. As of April 1, 2022, Fannie Mae requires all appraisers to measure, calculate, and report the gross living area and non-gross living area of single family dwellings in accordance with ANSI® Z765-2021. This requirement applies to single-family appraisals requiring interior and exterior inspections.

This webinar was designed for non-appraiser real estate professionals, including appraisal reviewers, underwriters, AMC personnel, and other professionals who rely on appraisals or monitor appraisal quality. In this webinar recording, you will learn about the basics of ANSI, how finished basements and ADUs are considered, what is considered above grade, and how to tell if the appraiser followed ANSI guidelines.

New appraisal job aids

When an Extraordinary Assumption Should Be Used

As a means of limiting liability, some appraisers routinely use several extraordinary assumptions in their reports. An extraordinary assumption should only be used for situations when there is uncertainty based on research or observations. In this job aid, you’ll learn how to differentiate between an extraordinary assumption and a general assumption.

Roofing Materials Summary

Home roof designs and coverings add individuality and visual interest to a home. This document summarizes some of the more common roofing materials, emphasizing the pros and cons of each.

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Upcoming Pro-Series webinar

The Appraisal Foundation 2022 Q2 Update – May 25th

Join us on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 from 11am-12pm ET for a FREE Q&A session with Lisa Desmarais, Vice President, Appraisal Issues with The Appraisal Foundation. In this one-hour, non-credit webinar, titled “The Appraisal Foundation 2022 Q2 Update,” you’ll hear about proposed changes to USPAP as well as an update on current AQB and ASB activities. Get firsthand information on TAF’s viewpoint of the latest topics in the appraisal industry. View details and sign up.

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