What’s New in Appraisal Membership: October 2021

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Recorded webinars

Efficient, Healthy, and Clean-Energy Homes

High performance homes deliver benefits beyond efficiency and cost savings. They are also typically healthier, safer, more durable and resilient than other homes. High-performance homes contain higher quality materials, are built with advanced building techniques, and reduce carbon emissions. The COVID pandemic and increased frequency of extreme events such as the California wildfires have raised consumer concerns around indoor air quality, resiliency and safety. This webinar recording addresses high-performance technology and the multiple benefits to the buildings, occupants, society, and the environment.

Impact of Pandemic on Current Market Analyses and Trends

Everyone’s world was turned upside down at the dawn of the pandemic. During the last 18 months, residential real estate has seen volatility between the lowest number of sales in recent history, to the highest levels ever seen. This offering will provide a platform for discussing WHERE to find data on market trends and HOW to develop and report a current market analysis. Real estate is local, but many lending clients are national; WHAT information is necessary to be researched and reported to provide a credible, well understood opinion for intended users? Listen to this recorded discussion of how appraisers can use both historical and current data to develop and support market trends analyses, and as a reconciliation of their opinions, as the residential real estate market reacts to the events of the COVID pandemic.

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Fannie Mae Q3 2021 Appraisal Update

In this recorded Fannie Mae update webinar, Fannie Mae’s Single Family Risk Management team members provided an update on the UAD & Forms Redesign initiative, shared insight into the referral process to state appraisal boards, covered recent policy updates impacting appraisers, highlighted their new Accessory Dwelling Unit elearning course, and more.

Dr. Sam’s Mathemagics Videos

Dr. Sam simplifies appraisal math by showing the magic behind the curtain. He provides tips and tricks for solving real estate appraisal math problems through a series of video recordings. It is the type of math teaching you wished you had in school. In these three videos, Dr. Sam explains how to calculate the area of squares and rectangles, how to calculate the area of triangles and trapezoids, and how to calculate area from a RSS legal description.

To locate these three new videos within your Member Resources, look for the following titles:

  • Dr. Sam’s Mathemagics: Calculating Areas of Squares and Rectangles
  • Dr. Sam’s Mathemagics: Calculating Areas of Triangle and Trapezoids
  • Dr. Sam’s Mathemagics: Calculating Area from a Legal Description (Rectangular Survey System)

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