What’s New in Appraisal Membership: Summer 2022

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New job aids and infographics:

Things to Consider when Appraising Rural Residential Properties

Appraisals of rural residential properties do not conform to the typical mortgage lending underwriting expectations of urban and suburban residential properties. This job aid summarizes some of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and USDA’s guidance and also includes several things to consider when appraising rural residential properties.

Renovation and Remodeling Appraisal Considerations

When appraising proposed modifications, remodels, or renovations to a residential property, appraisers must decide the feasibility of the modification, if it adds any contributory value, if it extends the remaining economic life, or possibly improves the property’s marketability. This job aid contains various remodel and renovation appraisal considerations, what to evaluate, and why renovations usually cost more than new construction for the same work.

Commercial Real Estate Leases

In this job aid, you will find a table outlining the five main types of commercial leases and the expenses that landlords and tenants usually bear according to these types of leases.

Understanding Judicial Foreclosure

This infographic summarizes the judicial foreclosure process.

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New webinar recordings:

USPAP Review Session

In this session, Dr. Sam simplifies USPAP to help you prepare for the 15-hour USPAP course exam and the National Uniform Licensing and Certification examination. The webinar recording covers the 5 RULES, an overview of the standards, illustrations of extraordinary assumptions and hypothetical conditions, and numerous other aspects of USPAP. Become exam-ready with a little guidance from Dr. Sam Martin.

Managing Risk, Lowering Liability, and Avoiding Claims

Learn about the current risks appraisers face and what steps you can take to lower your liability and avoid claims. In this webinar recording, Isaac Peck, Senior Broker at OREP.org, shares real-world claim scenarios and offers actionable advice on how to protect yourself and your appraisal business. Isaac addresses discrimination and liability claims against appraisers. As an added bonus, he shares specific disclosures and disclaimers every appraiser should be including in their appraisal reports.

Basics of the HP12c and Its Usage in Appraisal

In this webinar, we cover the basic functions of the HP 12c financial calculator and its RPN operating system, plus show how to solve common appraisal problems found on the appraisal licensing and certification exams and in appraisal practice. We recommend that you have your HP 12c available for use during this webinar.

The Appraisal Foundation 2022 Q2 Update

Watch this recorded Q&A session presented by Lisa Desmarais, Vice President, Appraisal Issues with The Appraisal Foundation. Hear about proposed changes to USPAP as well as an update on current AQB and ASB activities. Get firsthand information on TAF’s viewpoint of the latest topics in the appraisal industry.

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