Avoid These Mistakes When Showcasing a Property

Real estate agent showing a property

When it comes to showcasing a property, there are countless factors to consider in terms of the property’s appeal (both inside and out)—not to mention the added pressure of sealing the deal with potential buyers or renters. This shouldn’t create an excuse to cut corners in order to fast-track these prospective buyers or renters into signing on the dotted line, though.

Viewings are a finely orchestrated event that require time and effort to get them just right, especially given that the wrong look or atmosphere on the day can make the difference between securing interest and going back to the drawing board.

In this post, the interior design experts at Trendy Floors are breaking down four cardinal sins made during property viewings, so that you can learn from these mistakes and give each home the best possible chance of being irresistible with each viewing.

#1: Overselling the space

It should go without saying that stretching the truth, let alone disregarding it altogether, should be avoided at all costs when it comes to advertising a property on the market. The simple truth is that any viewings of the property in the cold light of day will see these deceptions unravel—a revelation that’s likely to repel otherwise interested parties.

Be up-front about the property’s shortcomings if pressed for information, or else focus on its genuine selling points—whether that’s bags of space, a neutral design scheme, a well-kept garden or a suite of smart home tech. The worst mistake you can make is luring a buyer or tenant in under false pretenses, as it harms all those concerned and will ultimately detract from a home’s actual assets.

#2: Rushing viewings

Property viewings take time in order for all parties to be satisfied. For buyers or renters in search of their ideal base for the next chapter of their lives, this viewing may result in a life-changing decision—and decisions like these shouldn’t be made based on a whim. Don’t make the mistake of squeezing a viewing in between other appointments, as this time pressure will be apparent (and alienating) to those viewing the property.

A potential buyer or tenant needs ample time to visualize themselves living in the space, and to examine the finer details so these can be cross-referenced with their mental checklist of dream home deal-breakers. A hurried viewing that doesn’t allow for this essential absorption will leave those viewing the property with little incentive to take the leap.

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#3: Neglecting property maintenance

Inside the space, it’s vital to ensure it can be viewed at its absolute best. That means laboring over the property in plenty of time before buyers will cross the threshold. Priorities include deep-cleaning surfaces (from walls to floors), banishing every ounce of clutter as far as the eye can see, and lovingly arranging furniture, appliances, accessories and more to create that sought-after show home aesthetic.

Don’t forget curb appeal either. First impressions count, and the importance of property maintenance doesn’t end at a home’s front and back doors. The front yard or driveway is the very first thing potential buyers will see when approaching a property and, however beautiful its contents are, an off-putting immediate picture will sour the rest of the viewing. Similarly, backyards and gardens deserve all of the necessary TLC prior to viewings to ensure this last look at the property doesn’t undo the good work its interior has done thus far.

#4: Creating the wrong ambience

Last but by no means least, ambience is the all-important, intangible aspect of any home viewing that can make or break the outcome. A lived-in property where personal belongings and remnants of daily routines are in plain view may offer a faithful portrait of the owner’s home, but showcasing a property means creating a blank canvas upon which viewers can project their own lifestyles, routines and belongings.

Finally, if the property in question is home to its previous tenants for the time being, make sure the space is empty during all viewings as the shared discomfort that comes from viewings taking place in the presence of the current occupants is best avoided under any circumstances.

Avoid these rookie errors and you can make every property viewing a worthwhile experience for all involved—maximizing your chances of finding a happy new owner or tenant for the properties you showcase in the future.

Author Bio: Alex Jones is a content creator for Trendy Floors, the home of discount flooring products with all the hallmarks of luxury – from affordable luxury vinyl tile to engineered parquet.

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