easier to get a mortgage

Easier to Get a Mortgage, Homes Less Affordable, Labor Shortage for Developers, and More

easier to get a mortgageAs the short holiday week comes to a close, we’ve got the latest in real estate news. Check out these articles on lending changes that are making it easier to qualify for a mortgage, U.S. homes now less affordable than ever, labor shortage squeezing developers, decorating tips you can take way from 90s sitcom Friends, and more.

Two major lending changes mean it’s suddenly easier to get a mortgage

There are some significant changes being made to the lending market. Millions of previously unqualified borrows now might be able to secure mortgage financing. Conversely, this will also make the loans riskier.

Homes in U.S. now least affordable since 2008

Anybody who has been working in real estate for a while is probably not surprised to learn that homes haven’t been this unaffordable since 2008. In most of the country, home prices rose faster than wages in the past decade. What does this mean for the real estate industry?

Labor shortage squeezes real estate developers

It’s getting tougher for builders who are unable to find workers to finish their projects, according to a survey by USG Corp and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Some are turning down work or putting in higher bids. What are the implications for the market?

10 lessons you can learn about decorating your home from watching Friends

When it comes to decorating, sometimes safe isn’t the way to go. Remember Monica’s New York apartment, brightly painted in purple, green, and turquoise? Then there was Phoebe’s scary art. And Joey’s giant white dog. Just for fun, read this article on other decorating takeaways we can pick up from this popular sitcom.

Secrets of being a successful new real estate agent

Whether you are brand-new to the business or a seasoned agent, these three secrets to success can mean the difference between a mediocre career and a magnificent one. Find out more in this article.