homebuyers face increasing troubles

Homebuyers Face Increasing Troubles, GOP Tax Plan Impact, Lighter Side of Real Estate, and More

homebuyers face increasing troublesIn this week’s news, a top economist warns that there are deep-seated problems with the housing market. The GOP tax plan has some in the housing industry feeling confident while others see nothing but trouble for homeowners. Serving alcohol at an open house—yay or nay? A small thing like the color of a front door can have an enormous impact on a home’s curb appeal. A story from the lighter side of real estate shows the hilarious dialogue between an agent wanting to show a home a family is in the process of moving into.

Stop sugarcoating the housing market: Economist warns that homebuyers face increasing troubles

A top economist is warning that although the housing market looks good from a distance, up close there are significant problems. At the root of the issue: Demand for lower-priced homes is high, but there are too few homes available.

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Industry groups are split on how the GOP tax plan will affect the housing market

It’s nearly unanimous among those in support of and opposition to it: The Republican tax plan is going to have an impact on the housing market. Homebuilders are optimistic, but the National Association of Realtors believes the plan will negatively impact American homeowners. Who’s got it right?

Serving alcohol at an open house

Opinions are mixed as to whether or not alcohol should be served at an open house. If you are thinking about having cocktails at your open house, this article serves up some good guidelines to follow.

8 paint colors for a standout front door?

It’s not rocket science, but it can certainly make a difference in your listing’s curb appeal. We’re talking about the front door color. Take a look at the slideshow that presents these attractive front door colors.

Some people just play house…

From the lighter side of real estate comes this story about a couple fielding would-be home showings on the day they are attempting to move into the home they closed on six weeks prior.

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