How to Know Your Real Estate Market’s Going to Turn (Plus More Real Estate content)

You’ve made it through another week and here we are with our bi-monthly roundup of real estate links for you. Twice a month we scour the internet for the best real estate related things to read, listen to, watch, follow and actions you can take.

What’s currently on our minds? Here’s what we found this time.

Read: 5 Early signs a market is going sour

Do you know how to tell if your market is about to turn? There are some telltale signs when it’s about to tank, but if you aren’t keeping your eye open for them, they might pass you by. Mansion Global offers up some advice on how to know when your market is slinking southward, and we’ll give you a quick review of signs to look for here:

1. Increasing inventory

2. Prices start to tumble

3. The dollar weakens and currency shifts

4. Government policy changes

5. The overall economy and stock market weakens

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Listen: Why you don’t have a lead generation problem

The Real Estate Strategy Lab with Jeff Coga releases new podcasts every Wednesday. This week’s goes into “why you don’t have a lead generation problem” and how you can change the way you market with big data. Not only does he have a whole podcast for you, but slides to go along with it.

Watch: How one guy made $136,474.43 in 30 days as a real estate agent

Feel like it’s impossible to make money in real estate? Graham Stephen has some inspiration for you. In 13 minutes he breaks down his income and shows you how he was able to rake in that type of cash in just a month.

Full disclosure: he closed on a $7 million home, which is where the bulk of the money comes from, but…the key to his story is how he found and built a relationship to make that sale.

(0:56) A breakdown of his income sources ($7 million home sale, rental income, youtube advertisements)

(1:45) How he made and built connections for his $7 million client

(3:00) His playbook for follow-up with potential clients

(4:30) How to pull out the red carpet for clients 

Check out the video here.

Follow: An expert on increasing profits with online marketing tools

Amy Chorew, the vice president of platform development at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is our recommended Twitter follow this week. She’s always posting helpful advice on her Twitter that relates to online marketing. Go head over to her profile to see what reading you should be catching up on!  

Act: Father’s Day is next weekend

Have you made plans to honor your clients who are dads? Do you know any new dads (leads or clients) who you should send a special shout-out to this Father’s Day? You have a few days to plan your strategy. Bonus if your strategy includes grilled meats (check out some mouth-watering grilled meat recipes).

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