moms in real estate Cathy maxfield

Spotlight: Cathy Maxfield Talks About Being a Mom in Real Estate

moms in real estate Cathy maxfieldIn May we held a contest to nominate outstanding moms in real estate. Cathy Maxfield was our grand prize winner and took home a $250 Visa gift card. Here is her story.

Being a mom in real estate is no easy feat but Cathy Maxfield, a mother of six, has been making it work for 12 years now. Her children certainly have a strong role model to look up to as she went from being a real estate agent to opening her own firm, Wise Choice Real Estate, and mentoring up to 50 other agents in her area.

To make sure her agents have all the resources they need, Maxfield also launched The Purple Owl Shoppe which has signs, frames and gifts for client closings that agents can access.

You might think that with a successful real estate company running smooth Maxfield would be inclined to play it safe, but instead, she went a step further and launched a building company — Wise Homes. Currently, they have over 30 homes under construction.

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In her own words, here’s why Maxfield loves real estate and how she balances her job and parenthood.

Why did you get into real estate?

I love helping people. Purchasing a house is one of the biggest decisions someone can make financially. I wanted to help make that process a fun and educational one. I enjoyed being a real estate agent but I love being a real estate broker and owner. I enjoy helping agents grow their real estate businesses and I am grateful when they choose me to be their broker. My focus is a very much my agents.

How do you balance real estate and parenthood?

I have the best husband in the world, that is how I can balance my real estate business and being a mom. I have support at home and I often involve my whole family in what I do.  I have several of my older children who now work with me.

Any tips for parents out there trying to do it all?

Find a broker who is willing to go the extra mile to support your family needs along with your business goals. Never forget the higher reason behind your decision to become a real estate agent.  And the biggest thing would be to LAUGH A LOT! It’s so good for the soul.