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Top 10 Cities for Real Estate Jobs (2019)

You can search online and find many articles about the best places to be a real estate agent. If you’re not careful, however, you’ll find some of these written years ago with information that is no longer current or even relevant. 

Some of the articles authored earlier in 2019 are now unreliable as many talk about Midland, TX as a great place to be a realtor, for example, when the market, in reality, has slipped by more than 12 percent due to the recent weaker oil prices. 

Other articles will mention the number of real estate professionals in an area and then surmise that maybe some small town made it to the top of the list because “possibly a lot of homes sold and there might not be that many agents there.” We just don’t feel that is reliable reporting, so we’re going to speak to the one market element that we believe is the best driver of real estate jobs—hot housing sales. 

If you are an agent in a hot market, it’s a great place to be, and here, as of July 31, 2019, are the country’s 10 hottest real estate markets and therefore best places to work in the real estate field:

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan – Homes sell there within 10 days, and the median sales price is up over 11 percent since last year. Yes, Michigan does not boast the warmest climate, but millennials like it there and all of these places, too
  2. Omaha, Nebraska – It takes an average of only 21 days to sell a home here. With its heartland values and vibe, prices are up 6.2 percent over last year’s levels. 
  3. Boise, IdahoNapoleon Dynamite knew about this before we did, and houses sell there in just two weeks. The median sales price is creeping up to $300,000 and up over 5 percent since 2018.
  4. Shawnee, Kansas – Don’t worry- this town is just southwest of Kansas City. It takes less than 14 days to sell a home there, and you can but one on average for less than $225,000. Beware, because prices are up over 16.4 percent this year alone.
  5. Rochester, New York – It’s cold and it’s on Lake Ontario, but you can move a home in 17 days and the median listing price is a measly $125,050! Real estate professionals can sell a lot of property at those prices.
  6. Livonia, Michigan – Detroit is coming back after the auto factory decimation that occurred years ago. Homes sell here in 17 days on average, they cost around $250,000 and that’s up 6 percent. Millennials purchase almost a third of these homes.
  7. Melrose, Massachusetts – This town is expensive as the median home price hovers around $630,000. Of course, that means bigger commissions, and homes are on the market less than 20 days on average. 
  8. Arlington, Texas – Arlington is close to Dallas and homes sell rapidly—usually in 20 days or less. As in a lot of Texas communities, price moderation exists here as the median selling price is around $215,000.
  9. Austin, Texas – This is one hot market. Homes east of I-35 that used to sell for $100,000 only four years ago now cost over $300,000. The market is up another 3.5 percent this year and there is very little room for new houses in the city. Lots of homes disappear before they are even formally listed in this true sellers’ market.
  10. Colorado Springs, Colorado – Cannabis is coming everywhere, but Colorado’s Rocky Mountain high vibe means that homes sell in 21 days or less with a climbing median price of around $240,000. Millennials buy a solid third of homes here, so you can easily reach them with awesome infographics and other sweet online content.

BONUS CITY: Chicago, IllinoisChicago is an expensive city, whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment or a suburban home, the prices are still up there with the highest in the country. The real estate market in Chicago is hot and development in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Old Town and Wrigleyville is off the charts. Climbing prices, a young professional imprint, combined with one of the largest metro areas in the world, Chicago is the place to be!

We have used our own sources for some of the above info, and we supplemented from other sources including Forbes, USA Today and other local real estate report platforms.

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