What Buyers Are Looking For in a Home

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Every buyer will have slightly different expectations for their future home, but there are a few similarities many of them share. Check out these popular things most people want in a new home and consider if they’re a good fit for the buyer you have in mind.

1. Updated Kitchen Appliances

When a buyer tours a new home, they get their first impression as they drive onto the property. Once they’ve decided they like the outside of the house, many people head to the kitchen to see what they will discover. Old appliances turn away most people because they don’t want to be responsible for replacing them. Make sure to offer homes that have updated appliances so your buyer doesn’t have to worry about future repairs.

2. A Few Additional Bedrooms

Even if a buyer wants a house so they can live on their own, they’ll probably walk through an open house and think about their future. It’s their responsibility to weigh their financial options, but people often buy homes with a few additional bedrooms. The extra space gives them room to grow their family, rent out space or add a roommate.

3. Easy and Available Accessibility

People who live with a loss of mobility look for homes that don’t present architectural challenges. If they view houses that lack easy and available accessibility, they’ll look elsewhere. Encourage potential property owners to improve their home’s accessibility to widen their market and match them with the right buyer.

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4. A Dedicated Laundry Room

Laundry closets in the past, but now people realize the benefits of a room dedicated to their machines. They want separate rooms off the main living area that include shelving and storage options around the washer and dryer units.

5. Plenty of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans save homeowners money by cooling down rooms when the owner doesn’t want to overwork their AC unit. The more ceiling fans a home has, the more attractive it’ll be to potential buyers.

6. Garage Storage Space

Garages that have a closet or two, shelving and even ceiling racks will jump to the front of a potential buyer’s mind. There isn’t much use there without storage solutions, and most people don’t want to remodel their garage right after they move in.

Before your clients visit open houses, discuss what they want and don’t want in their future home. Go over this information with them to get the conversation started and use their opinions to craft their homebuying experience.

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