You Are Your Own Brand

Why Your Personal Real Estate Brand Is So Important

You Are Your Own Brand

Your real estate brand is the combination of the qualities, values, and strengths that make you who you are as a real estate agent. Your “you-ness” sets you apart from everyone else. More than that, it’s how people perceive you. That is not so easy to fake—nor should you even try. You are in the people business, and now more than ever, people crave authenticity. Realness is what bolsters clients’ trust in you and makes them hire you. Fakeness often sends them running.

When it comes to personal branding, your goal is not to create an image; it’s about building a brand that represents the real you. Here’s how to do that.

Define your purpose (Hint: It’s more than selling homes)

What problems do you want to solve? What impact do you want to make in people’s lives? In your community? It gets to the root of why you are in the business—and hopefully, there’s much more to it than making money.

This is often the biggest disconnect between you and clients, who often think all you care about is your commission. Know your greater purpose and relay that message every chance you have. After all, you are making dreams come true.

Describe the value that you offer clients

Are you an expert in a particular type of property? Have you lived in the community your whole life? Are you a sharp negotiator? Can you research better than the best of them? Do you have a calming presence? Again, this is more than just your success rate; these are the unique qualities that you bring to the table and that differentiate you from your competition.

List three perceptions you want clients to form about you

Taking your strengths, personality, and purpose into account, what impression do you want to leave with clients? When they talk about you to others, what do you want them to say? This forms the basis of your brand, and you should reinforce it every time you interact with potential, current, and past clients—whether that interaction is in person, through marketing efforts or on social media.

Decide today what you will do to foster your personal real estate brand

What can you do to ensure that you are leaving the right impression on people? What steps you will take during your next brand-building opportunity, for example, during client meetings or when you share content on social media? Which of your behaviors hurt your personal brand, and how will you change them? In other words, how will show the world more of you?

Your brand is your reputation, and it plays a tremendous role in whether you land new clients or lose their business. If you want more resources on how to overhaul your personal brand, sign up for CE Plus, where you can access webinars, job aids, and other resources.