Roof Inspection

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The roof is a home’s primary line of defense from the natural elements such as wind, rain, hail, ice, snow, and heat. However, every day your roof is exposed to weather and other hazards may contribute to its decay and deterioration, which increases the risk of damage to the roof and the contents below it. This makes the roof perhaps the most vulnerable part of a building. As an inspector, it is integral that you understand the key information pertaining to the background of a roof inspection. Through this course, you will gain familiarity with roof inspection terminology and equipment and will learn how to successfully complete a roof inspection in a variety of weather-related elements and on a variety of roofs. In addition, this course will also provide you with information on specific roofing materials, how those materials
respond to different weather elements, and how to safely inspect different roof types while not damaging the roof or injuring yourself during the inspection.

Chapter list:

1. Introduction to a Career in Roof Inspection and Roof Inspection Basics
2. Inspecting for Types of Roof Damage: Detecting Water Damage on the Interior and Exterior of a Roof
3. Detecting Different Types of Damage: Hail, Wind, and Other Moisture-Related Issues
4. Inspecting a Roof for Snow and Heat Damage
5. Course Summary Quiz