Sealing and Insulating a Home

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This course is iPad compatible. This course describes some of the most important aspects of sealing and insulating a home. It begins with background information on the three ways in which heat is transferred. Following this, a number of ways in which the energy efficiency of a home can be assessed are described. An explanation of R-Value then leads into a discussion of the various types of insulation. Some resources for checking for financial incentives are listed before the second chapter gives specifics for how to check a home for air leaks and insulation levels. Areas of the house are prioritized with a substantial amount of time spent discussing the attic, the most important place to seal and insulate well. Two attic projects are described in detail: sealing the attic and insulating the attic. Finally, a discussion of important considerations in other areas of the house is presented.

Chapter list:

1. Introduction to Energy Efficiency
2. Analyzing and Upgrading a Homes Energy Efficiency
3. Ch 3 - Final Exam