Conventional Heating and Cooling Inspections

This course focuses on noninvasive inspection of the systems and components referred to as “conventional” heating and cooling. For the purposes of this course, the training focus and learning objectives are for the thorough observation, noninvasive inspection and informative reporting requirements on permanently installed force air, gas-fired, electric-powered central heating and cooling systems, components, and air-to-air heat pumps.

The focus is not simply on the mechanicals of the heating and cooling system cabinet and equipment. Rather, this course emphasizes and expands upon the inspection routine as guided by industry standards of practice, and focuses on safety parameters, effective communication skills for client understanding, and targeting your eyes on the heating and cooling inspection as you turn into the inspection property driveway that first time.

To enhance the learning experience, the course is seasoned with inspection best practices and in-the-field perspective and experience gained over time, to review and reinforce basic home inspection requirements to meet or exceed standards/regulations and client satisfaction.