Electricity and Electrical Inspections: From the Inside Out


This course is intended to be an informative and educationaloverview of electricity and electrical inspections, which are pertinent to professionalinspectors.  Because of the nature ofelectricity and the responsibility that electrical inspections inherentlypossess, it is important to review the basics from time to time.  An understanding of electricity andelectrical systems is integral to a safe, secure, and functional home.

Additionally, incorrectly managed electrical systems cancarry a high degree of danger; therefore, these inspections must be compliantwith relevant NFPA and NEC codes.  Uponthe completion of this course, the professional inspector will have a renewedunderstanding of electrical inspection requirements.

This course will provide a brief history of electricity andthe scientists who contributed the building blocks that made our modern-dayelectrical theories, principles, and systems possible. We will then discusssafety preparedness and adequate preparation when performing a safe electricalinspection, as well as the steps involved in an electrical inspection.  Lastly, we will provide an overview ofeffective communication to communicate the findings of the inspection to theclient.