OC: Home Inspection: Getting Started and Creating an Inspection Report

Part One-Getting Started
A home inspection involves a noninvasive, physical examination all of the components and systems of a home, including their function and condition. Most often, a client hires a home inspector to conduct an inspection if the client is considering purchasing the home. A home inspector physically inspects homes and reports on their overall condition.
Home inspections are important because purchasing a home is likely to be the largest, and most risky, financial transaction an individual will make during his or her life. The home inspector is involved to protect the interests of his or her client, the potential buyer.
Part Two-Creating an Inspection Report
As discussed in Part One, as a home inspector, you should speak to your clients calmly and confidently in order to set the tone for their working relationship from the first phone call to the final day when you delivers the report to the clients.
During the first conversation, you should clarify to the client what will be included in the inspection and what will not be included. This is important so that the client has realistic expectations regarding the home inspection. This also reduces your liability should the client come across problems in the house in the future. Also during this conversation, you should go over any applicable standards of practice with the client. This may include state regulations, if any exist, or home inspection organization or society standards of practice.  This portion of the course will discuss the Inspection Report in more detail.
Once you have described the inspection process to the client, you and the client should sign an inspection agreement. This agreement states that all parties understand the inclusions and limitations of the inspection.
After you have completed the inspection, complete the inspection report. This may be delivered orally to the client, but it is recommended that you create a detailed written report in addition to any reporting that is done orally. You may use one of a variety of methods to complete the written inspection report. Today, you have many options that make this part of your job much easier, including home inspection apps and smartphone or digital cameras.