OC: Home System, Appliance, and Peripheral Inspection


The correct installation and inspection of residential Whole House Systems, Appliances, and Peripherals is a standard part of the home inspector’s job. While some of these components are a required part of the inspection routine, others are considered optional, and still, others are potentially lucrative add-ons to a routine inspection.
This course is designed to cover material on systems, appliances, and peripherals that are often skimmed over in more routine courses. In this course, we will discuss the different rules regarding the inspection of these specialized items, systems, and components, as well as their proper installation, operation, and functionality.
The course attempts to deconflict the Inspection Industry Standards of Practice relative to “built-in” or “installed” inspection requirements and applies a commonsense approach to the inspection of systems, appliances, and peripherals for complete client satisfaction. It discusses the requirements for safe installation and operation, including critical safety observations that need to be reported. This short course is likely to present you, the inspector, with the possibility of expanding your inspection services with the addition of services on systems, appliances, and peripherals you may have been overlooking or excluding.