Phased Inspections from the Ground Up

The Residential Construction from the Ground Up course is a rudimentary look into Housing Market trends, identifying the inspection need, followed by residential construction from the initial steps of Site Planning, considering all the factors, such as Topography Surveys, Soil Conditions, Drainage Capacity, Flood Factors, and Legal considerations.  It continues into readying for excavation, and a look at the most common types of residential Foundations System Types and Footings.

As the course continues, we go into basic residential – stick built – wooden frame construction beginning at the foundation level and blend in the Phased Inspection Methodology starting with the typical Phase 1 – Pre-Pour – Inspection Requirements for Slab-on-Grade / Crawlspace / Basement Foundations, including special inspection considerations for differing foundation types.

Next, we look at Floor Framing components, structure framing history and the current most common framing system, the Platform Style System and Components.  Moving to the exterior / interior walls in place, the roof frame on, and finishing off with the exterior roof and wall sheathing and wrap.  Presenting residential construction From the Ground Up, in this fashion allows for a discussion of the Phase 2 – Pre-Drywall – Inspection Requirements.  Finally, we close the course out with a look into the Phase 3 – Final Inspection Purpose / Requirements.
It is the intent of this course to not only expose the student to the basic elements of residential construction, From the Ground Up, but also to highlight the Phased Home Inspection Methodology, provide insight into current inspection strengths and weaknesses, and to consider further exploration of adding this element to your well established and successful business model.