Home Inspection - From the Ground Up

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Many people ask: "Why does a newly constructed home need an inspection?" "Isn't a newly constructed home perfect and safe?" Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There could be problems with the home that are not necessarily code violations, yet have serious consequences for the new homeowner. The last thing any homeowner wants to hear after they move into a home is that there is a problem that could have been identified during the construction process. Therefore it is your responsibility, as the inspector, to be certain that all of the components of the home, from the building structure to the mechanical systems, are functioning properly. This course will provide you with extensive information on residential home inspection and construction and will cover the entire building process literally from
the ground up. The main topics of this course include site preparation, footings and foundations, framing systems, insulation and ventilation, HVAC, and mechanical systems. In addition, this course contains a number of drawings and photographs to illustrate the construction process.

Chapter list:

1. Site Planning, Topography, Soil Conditions, and Legal Restrictions
2. Building Structure
3. Heating and Conditioning
4. Mechanical Systems
5. Hazards
6. Trends
7. Course Summary Review