2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide

Insights and trends to help you earn more in your real estate career


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We surveyed over 1,000 active real estate professionals across the U.S. so we could offer up the 2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide, which is packed full of income trends and tips to help you earn more in your career.

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real estate agent income snapshot

Are you reaching your earning potential?

The average gross income for real estate agents is $71,000. Plus, more than half of agents earned more in 2017 than the previous year. What’s contributing to the growth? What areas are the high earners excelling in? Find out inside our guide.

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Happy agents earn more

8 out of 10 real estate agents are satisfied with their career choice. And their happiness pays off—agents that are very satisfied with their real estate career earn nearly 3 times the income of agents that aren’t satisfied. Find out what’s driving their happiness inside the guide. 

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real estate expertise and real estate agent income

Expertise pays off

Top earners excel in four key areas, and they have the income to prove it. Inside the guide you’ll find opportunities to focus on that will help you earn more.

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