2022 Required Agency Course: Buyer and Dual Agency

The 2022 AREC Required Course will focus on buyer agency, dual agency, and other types of agency representation. All relationships are built upon trust, whether business or personal. You must first communicate well, effectively answer your clients’ questions, develop rapport and establish feelings of trust within consumers before they officially hire you to become their agent. 

Directly or indirectly, you and other licensees represent the buyers or tenants and the other side (sellers or landlords) in each transaction whether or not this client never pays you or signs a dual agency agreement. You have a fiduciary duty to treat your own clients and other principal and licensee parties fairly and ethically in each transaction. 

Most often, agency relationships must be confirmed in writing by way of mutually signed disclosures, forms, or contracts. However, some agency relationships can be legally confirmed either before or after the real estate transaction is completed, as you will learn in this course. To best protect all parties involved, it’s usually very wise to confirm the agency relationship in writing so that all parties understand their roles and what’s expected of them.