Delaware Core Module 4 - Office Management

This course is for the student who is considering starting a new brokerage firm. It starts with self-evaluation exercises to get you thinking, defining your purpose, and setting goals. The course offers recommendations on how to plan the business, manage financials, grow the business, and develop sales agents. Chapter two dives into all that is involved in using your agents’ eagerness to train them in the proper procedures (which should be outlined in your company’s handbook that is distributed to every employee upon hiring) and to keep them excited about the business. Training them on the ethical standards of practice should be a priority, as well as time management. They also need to be knowledgeable on some basic real estate related topics such as title insurance, property tax, and buyer’s financing options. And in a depreciating market, they need to be taught how to handle a short sale. In chapter three, we focus on the business risks that can be managed, namely: what to do to ensure success during economic slowdowns, maintaining personal safety, avoiding federal violations, managing escrow accounts, and minimizing the number of litigious clients and litigious agents. It’s a long road – but one worth traveling. So, let’s get you started on that road to success!