Idaho Real Estate Commission Core 2022


Real estate is a highly regulated industry, and changes happen quickly; therefore, it is necessary that you stay current with the latest legislation and make sure your business practices follow all the rules. Idaho provides specific rules and regulations to facilitate fair and ethical transactions. These rules and regulations encompass every aspect of the real estate business, from current laws affecting agents and buyers to other topics of interest, including information on license renewal. 

This Idaho Real Estate Commission Core course will cover a number of distinct yet important topics for real estate professionals, including legislative and case law updates. We will also review Guideline 13: Real Estate Advertising, which is a new guideline published in 2022.
In order to make sure you maintain your license properly, we look at some troubling trends that have emerged so far this year related to continuing education, errors and omissions insurance, and other responsibilities of a real estate licensee.

Finally, we will cover water rights and associated easements. We will provide a brief overview of potential issues that may arise with water rights during property transfers.
This course will ensure that you have a concrete understanding of these areas of practice by taking you step by step through each topic and explaining how they apply to your business as a real estate professional.