8-Hour Core Curriculum for Residential Leasing Agents

Welcome!!! For most licensees who work in Illinois, their earliest experiences in the real estate profession usually revolve around the leasing of rental properties. In the leasing field, there are a wide variety of laws, contracts, forms, and designated agency relationships to choose from as will be covered in depth in this course. You will also learn about the necessary steps that are required for your clients to qualify as tenants as well as what sort of disclosures, contracts, and advertising choices that your landlord clients may likely select. 

You will read about how to avoid being directly or indirectly involved with any potential harassment or discrimination claims when engaging with your known clients, unknown consumers, other licensees, and various third-parties in your transactions. The importance of not violating any Fair Housing or other types of anti-discrimination regulations will keep you, your sponsoring broker, and your clients safe from any future lawsuits or complaints against your license to state or federal agencies. The more that you understand about how to properly treat others in the real estate field, the longer and more successful that your real estate career will be for you.