7/1/22-6/30/23 MN Salesperson/Broker Req'd Module-Practical Application to Inclusive Representation


This course is designed to fulfill the 3.75-hour Practical Application to Inclusive Representation requirement that both Minnesota salespersons and brokers must complete. Completion of this course will also satisfy the 1-Hour Agency, 1-Hour Fair Housing, and 1-Hour Broker Module Requirement. All non-exempt salespersons and brokers must complete this general module course before June 30, 2023.
The course will focus on the social responsibility that real estate professionals have in proactively promoting homeownership. People have a constitutional right to live anywhere they choose as long as they can afford it. To protect prospective buyers or renters from illegal discrimination in obtaining housing, those who work in the real estate business, including related industries such as finance, must make decisions based only on a buyer’s objective fitness to enter into a real estate agreement.
Even though you are acting ethically, following the law, using inclusive language, and not committing discriminatory conduct, you may be confronted with prospective sellers or buyers who are not so conscientious. A seller may instruct you not to sell to persons of certain races or religions, or a buyer may ask questions that would lead you to violate the law merely by answering the questions. For example, a buyer may ask you about the racial composition of a given neighborhood or be told that the buyer does not want to live near people belonging to a certain group