Nevada Risk Reduction

Real estate is a business that can be filled with risk, especially when it comes to agency relationships. Licensees work with customers and clients in what is often one of the largest transaction of their lives. With so many moving pieces and dates to keep track of, emotions can run high. This is why it is so important for real estate licensees are expected to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct in when they are working with the parties to a real estate transaction. 
Agency relationships present the greatest risk to real estate licensees and brokerages. Real estate is a highly regulated industry with specific laws and regulations.  Knowing and following these rules can mitigate the risks of doing business. It is also just as important to avoid any activities that give the appearance of impropriety, even if they are not specifically illegal or unethical. 
Another significant aspect of risk management for real estate professionals is protecting personal information collected from consumers. It is important to not only protect customer privacy and confidentiality but to protect licensee and brokerage security as well.
Throughout this course, you will see the importance of properly performing fiduciary duties for your clients. You will also learn how to identify and prevent practices that can put your real estate business at risk. Any effective risk management plan considers a brokerage's policies and practices where agency relationships are concerned. We’ll review ways to develop a data security program and a website privacy policy that discloses to the general public how the brokerage company collects, stores, shares, and destroys personal and confidential customer information.