The Basics of Land Management

Land is a finite and scarce asset. There is only so much of it across the U.S.A., and an even smaller percentage of land which is buildable with access to water, public utilities, roads, schools, and other very important components.
Finding, brokering, disclosing, building, and/or reselling raw, unentitled land with little to no improvements or fully improved land that is ready for a builder or developer to break ground on for anywhere from one custom home to upwards of hundreds or thousands of single-family, condominium, townhome, or multi-family apartment units; is one of the most important processes in the real estate investing, brokering, and development fields today. For investors, buyers, contractors, and/or developers, the highest percentage of their potential profit margins may come from buying the perceived undervalued dirt or land at the cheapest price possible. The more informed a client’s real estate agent is today regarding land opportunities, the higher the potential financial upside or profit margins may be for the same clients.
Some real estate agents may focus their entire careers primarily on being a “Land Broker,” while others may spend little to no time working on land deals in their regions of interest, either locally or on the other side of the nation.