2024-2025 Texas Legal Update Part 2


As a license holder in Texas, you’re required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to take two four-hour legal update courses as part of your continuing education requirements for the current license period. As a license holder, it’s essential that you stay abreast of legal changes to ensure you remain in compliance with their requirements. In this 2024-2025 Texas Legal Update II course, you’ll learn about these updates, as well as review some topics with which you should already be familiar. In Chapter 1, you’ll delve into agency relationships and learn how to avoid antitrust violations. In Chapter 2, you’ll review the TREC disclosures and learn what to do if you’re convicted of a crime. In Chapters 3, you’ll learn how you can best serve your clients who serve in the military by reviewing the VA loan program and the Texas Veteran Land Board loan program.  Finally, in Chapter 4, you’ll focus on real-world issues, including TREC enforcement, case studies, and Commission priorities. This four-hour course is filled with scenarios, followed by questions and answers that provide you the opportunity to explore how you’d respond in those situations.