WYREQBRM-24: Broker Management Class

This course will begin with an introduction and overview, then discuss general requirements, broker responsibilities, supervision, place of business, advertising, disclosure requirements, trust accounts, investigations, office management, and policy. Students will also be introduced to the statutes and rules of the Commission and related federal laws related to real estate throughout this course.

The Wyoming Broker Management Course is provided to ‘Responsible brokers’ and ‘Associate Brokers’ concerning in-depth information, resources and practical applications relevant to operating a real estate firm in compliance with Wyoming laws, rules and regulations. Throughout this course we will also discuss the rules and regulations that a broker will need to be familiar with, as well as some of the Wyoming statutes that deal directly with real estate law in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Real Estate License Code is contained in Title 33, Professions and Occupations, Sections 28-101 through 28-401. These statutes may only be changed through legislative action and any amendments are identified as such. We’ll be referring to a variety of statutes throughout this course , which will be denoted by the symbol “§”, and the number of the appropriate statute.