New Salesperson Module 1 - Professional Standards in Real Estate

The following course is the first of four Modules of 12 hour continuing education required by the State of Delaware for those who newly hold real estate licenses. The course, entitled “New Salesperson Module 1 - Professional Standards in Real Estate” discussing the basic tenets and principles of expected professional behavior by real estate professionals in Delaware. The course defines the important, albeit foundational, concepts of the professional standards, agency relationship, sanctions (and monetary awards), fair housing and ethics, and the reasons why a real estate licensee must comply with these established real estate standards to not only be successful, but to remain within legal guidelines.
The course includes case studies to emphasize the relevant points and to provide real-life illustrations of some of the potential perilous outcomes that may occur within the real estate business when licensees fail to follow the established and acceptable behaviors for real estate licensees.
Finally, the course delineates the processes in place for those times when practicing licensees cannot resolve their own disputes. These include the alternate dispute methodologies of arbitration and mediation.