New Salesperson Module 2 - Agreement of Sale - Buyer Representation


The following course is the second of four Modules of 12 hour continuing education required by the State of Delaware for those who hold new real estate licenses. The four modules of continuing education designed for newly licensed real estate professionals covers 12 hours of study and must be completed within the first 90 days after you have received your initial real estate license.
This course, entitled “New Salesperson Module 2 - Agreement of Sale - Buyer Representation” is a 3-hour study regarding the various documents an agent must use when representing a buyer in a real estate transaction. These forms include Delaware’s Statewide Agreement of Sale, the Short Sale and Must-Sell Addendums, and the Consumer Information Statement.
In addition, Module 2 reviews the amendatory language for transactions that are being financed by the Veteran’s Administration or the Federal Housing Administration and then discusses the Delaware Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (DUCOIA).