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Mapping Floodplains: A Legal and Scientific Process

This course assumes knowledge and understanding of the regulations guiding the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the relevant insurance requirements. With that background, we move forward into the mapping of floodplains since the earliest days of the NFIP to current mapping and map correction practices. Since the federally issued Flood Insurance Rate Map is a legal document, we must understand how to correct that document when we find errors or when conditions represented on the map have changed. Because they change periodically, application forms for updating and correcting maps are identified but not discussed in any detail. Instead, this course integrates both technical and legal aspects of mapping, to provide an understanding of the technical and regulatory basis for appropriate mapping and map change application approvals.

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Evidence, Exhibits, and Testimony

This course is designed to fulfill eight hours of Land Surveyor continuing education. Forensic surveying is the topic of this course and it provides knowledge in the areas of law of evidence, civil lawsuits, trial processes, and professional practice.

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Boundaries and Monuments

The objectives of this course are to teach the surveyor how to define and identify monuments; to understand what factors to assess when judging the validity of a monument; and to explain why better records and a better effort to document re-monumentation could eliminate disagreements among surveyors. In addition, the surveyor will grasp the concept that his or her responsibility is to preserve and protect not only the monuments he or she creates, but also the monuments set by other surveyors. This course will describe why research and other preparation are important processes when determining boundary locations.

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Fundamentals of Boundary Control

This course is designed to fulfill eight hours of continuing education for land surveyors. Boundary Control Fundamentals is designed to introduce the surveyor into the world of property law and boundary principles. It will assist in preparing the surveyor for professional licensure and, once that goal is achieved, to understand how best to serve clients’ needs. Although there are no formal pre-requisites for this course, it is desirable that the student have a basic knowledge of survey measurements, instrumentation and mathematics prior to attempting it.

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